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InstructorClass NumberSectionCourse TitleClass TimesRoom NumberCourse Links
Eloise Foote MAT113.01Elements of Mathematical Reasoning MTWR 13:00 - 14:35STV 0126
Matthew Winsor MAT113.02Elements of Mathematical Reasoning   
Kevin Boyer MAT113.03Elements of Mathematical Reasoning   
Anne Schmidt MAT119.01College Algebra   
Theodore Fuller MAT120.01Finite Mathematics MTWR 08:00 - 09:35STV 0121
Shailesh Tipnis MAT120.02Finite Mathematics MTWR 13:00 - 15:15STV 0131
Dennis Miller MAT121.01Applied Calculus MTWR 13:00 - 14:35STV 0121
Sunil Chebolu MAT121.02Applied Calculus   
Olcay Akman MAT150.01Fundamentals of Statistical Reasoning   
Krzysztof Ostaszewski MAT280.01Financial Mathematics   
Krzysztof Ostaszewski MAT298.01Professional Practice,Internship in Mathematics   
George Seelinger MAT298.02Professional Practice,Internship in Mathematics   
Jennifer Tobias MAT302.01Teaching Mathematics in Grades 6-8 MTWR 08:00 - 11:30STV 0324
Edward Mooney MAT309.01Number Theory for K-8 Teachers MTWR 08:00 - 11:30STV 0311
Nerida Ellerton MAT315.01Mathematical Modeling for Middle School Teachers MTWR 12:40 - 16:10STV 0324
Fusun Akman MAT320.01History of Mathematics   
Michael Plantholt MAT337.01Advanced Linear Algebra MTWR 08:00 - 10:15STV 0325
Jinadasa Gamage MAT350.01Applied Probability Models MTWR 13:00 - 15:15STV 0120
George Seelinger MAT390.01Independent Study   
Sunil Chebolu MAT400.01Independent Study   
Michael Plantholt MAT400.02Independent Study   
Maochao Xu MAT400.03Independent Study   
Olcay Akman MAT400.04Independent Study   
Jeffrey Barrett MAT404.01Issues & Trends in School Mathematics MTWR 08:00 - 11:30STV 0324
McKenzie Clements MAT421.01Topics in Algebra for Teachers MTWR 16:20 - 19:10STV 0311
Krzysztof Ostaszewski MAT490.01Research in Mathematics, Math Ed & Applied Mathematics   
Nan Zhu MAT490.02Research in Mathematics, Math Ed & Applied Mathematics   
Olcay Akman MAT490.03Research in Mathematics, Math Ed & Applied Mathematics   
Krzysztof Ostaszewski MAT498.01Professional Practice in Mathematics   
Michael Plantholt MAT498.02Professional Practice in Mathematics   
Maochao Xu MAT498.03Professional Practice in Mathematics   
MAT498.04Professional Practice in Mathematics   
MAT498.05Professional Practice in Mathematics   
MAT498.06Professional Practice in Mathematics   
MAT499.01Independent Research for the Master`s Thesis   
MAT499.11Independent Research for the Master`s Thesis   
Cynthia Langrall MAT500.01Independent Study   
Michael Plantholt MAT500.02Independent Study   
MAT599.901Dissertation Final Term