Department of Mathematics at Illinois State University

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How you can help

Here are some ideas of things you could do for current students:

  • Answer an email from a current student
  • Send in info on how the program helped you
  • Advice for the program on what it can add or change to benefit its students
  • Come to campus to talk about what you do
  • Offer a day, week, or summer when a student could come an observe you at work
  • Offer internships (both for credit and paid) for B.S. and/or M.S. students

Who to contact to make donations

  • Gifts in-kind: Diane Brewer
  • Make a gift now (online), print and mail your own form, or call 309-438-7019
  • Major gifts:

    Please contact Bill Fanning (309-438-8901 or from the Foundation Office or Mary Rundus (309-438-7725 or from the Development Office to discuss these opportunities or the possibility of deferred gifts or other planned gifts in the form of securities, property, etc.