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MAT 146: Calculus II

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Here are links to WebAssign information and tutorials as well as to other useful resources such as calculator tutorials.

Course Resources: WebAssign, REMIND, Textbooks


WebAssign Access Options

WebAssign Login Directions
WebAssign Quick Start Guide

WebAssign Student User Guide

WebAssign Self-Training Videos

REMIND: Text reminders from your instructor (Section 2: 11 am)

Textbook Website and Tools for Enriching Calculus
Comprehensive Notes for Calc I

CAS Calculator Help for Calculus
TI tutorials (web)
TI-89 calculus workbook (PDF)
Calculus with the TI-89 (PDF)
Solving Equations (PDF)
TI-89 Algebra Help (video)
Solving Equations (video)

Other Resources

Trig Identities     Trig Reviews: #1 ()   #2 ()   #3 ()

Derivatives Practice

Volume Demos (6.2 and 6.3): discs    washers    shells    known cross section (I)    known cross section (II)

Integral Approximation (Section 7.7) Calculator (Left, Right, Midpoint, Trapezoid, Simpson's)
Geogebra Approximators (Section 7.7): Rectangles      Rectangles, Trapezoids, Simpson's
Error Bound Example (7.7)

Limit Calculations and Strategies (7.8):  Review   Solutions

Differential Equations Resources (Ch 9 Intro) Intro to Differential Equations: Accountability Assessment


Slope Field Plotter #1 Slope Field Plotter #2  Slope Field Plotter #3  Slope Field Plotter #4  (Differential Equations: Ch 9, Section 2)


Euler's Method Calculator #1   Euler's Method Calculator #2   Euler's Method Calculator #3    (Differential Equations: Ch 9, Section 2)

Using Your TI-89 for Differential-Equations Tasks (Euler's Method #1) (Slope Fields & Euler's Method) (Differential Equations) (Euler's Method #2) (deSolve and initial-value problems: 1-step solution process!)

TI-NSpire and Differential Equations: (Slope Fields)    (Euler's Method #1)    (Euler's Method #2)

Series Convergence Tests (Ch 11)

Series Convergence Flowchart (Ch 11)   Series Convergence Questions/Strategies (Ch 11)   Series Convergence: In-class group work  (solutions)

Series Convergence: Proof-Construction Guide (Ch 11)   Series Convergence: Samples and Solutions   Series Convergence: More Samples and More Solutions

Calculator Help: Sequences and Series: (1) TI-89 Sequences & Series (pdf)  (2) Sequences/Series Module from TI (web site) (3) Summation Using TI-89 (video) (4) TI-Nspire CAS (web)

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  Content Notes

PowerPoint slides from the textbook publisher are here, section by section, for the content of Calculus II. Use these to review and reinforce class notes and activities. Other content links are also here.
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Quizzes and Tests

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