Illinois State University Mathematics Department

MAT 312: Probability and Statistics for Middle School Teachers

Spring 1999
9:35 - 10:50 am TR STV 350A
Dr. Roger Day (

Quiz #1

possible solutions

Here is a back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot that shows the number of building permits for single-family homes issued in Bloomington and in Normal (IL) for the years 1974 to 1993. Use it to answer as many questions as possible in (1) through (4) below.
1. Which of the two cities had the least number of permits issued in any single year?

2. What was the least number of permits issued in any single year?

3. In 10 of these 20 years, 200 or more building permits were issued in Bloomington. Circle one.


4. The median number of permits for Normal is more than 100. Circle one.

Multiple Choice: For questions (5) and (6), choose the one best response and circle the letter of that response.

5. Which visual representation named below preserves the data values?

A. line plot
B. histogram
C. circle graph
D. root-and-stalk graph
E. More than one of these representations preserve the values.
F. None of these representations preserve the values.

6. Determine the upper inner fence for this data set: 1,2,4,4,4,7,8,8,9,9,9,9,9,11,15,15,20

A. &endash;5
B. 6
C. 10
D. 19
E. 20
F. None of these.