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Discrete Mathematics at ISU (DISCMATH)

The Mathematics Department at Illinois State University (ISU) has a strong Discrete Mathematics Group. The group, usually called DISCMATH for brevity, is very active in research and professional service, as well as providing enthusiastic and dedicated teaching for students at master's level and all undergraduate levels.

The DISCMATH group convenes a regular weekly seminar program, which runs throughout the Fall and Spring semesters and logs around 20-30 talks each academic year. Meetings last 50 minutes, followed by a 20 minutes informal social gathering. Most talks report on recent results or research in progress, but occasional expository and survey talks are included. Speakers usually are ISU faculty members of DISCMATH, but also include graduate students, invited speakers from other institutions, and visitors to the ISU Mathematics Department (often the Department hosts one or more longer term visitors in Discrete Mathematics).

Discrete Mathematics Seminar

For the Spring 2018 semester, the talks are given on Thursdays, 2:00 p.m.-2:50 p.m., in Stevenson Hall (Room STV 126). Immediately after the seminar, all participants are invited to room 313 D in Stevenson Hall for 20 minutes of social get-together, coffee or tea, and cookies. Follow the links below for further information on specific talks. If you want to give a talk, please send an email to mbahman[at]ilstu[dot]edu.


February 1 Sadegheh Haghshenas (ISU) Extending Edge-Colorings into Regular Colorings
February 8 Uğur Odabaşi Some Problems on Cycle Decompositions
February 15 Saad El-Zanati(ISU) On the spectrum problem for the connected cubic graphs of order at most 10
February 22 Amin Bahmanian (ISU) TBA
March 1 Papa Sissokho (ISU) TBA
September 7 Amin Bahmanian (ISU) Solving Higher Dimensional Sudokus
September 21 Mike Plantholt (ISU) On Decomposition of Regular Bipartite Graphs into Small Paths
October 5 Sadegheh Haghshenas (ISU) Embedding Factorizations for 4-uniform hypergraphs
October 19 Dan Cranston (Virginia Commonwealth University) Edge-coloring of Graphs and Multigraphs
November 2 Papa Sissokho (ISU) Partial t-spread over finite vector spaces: A graph theoretical interpretation
November 16 Saad El-Zanati (ISU) On Rosa-Type Labelings of Graphs and Hypergraphs
November 30 TBA TBA
January 26 Amin Bahmanian (ISU) On The Existence of Generalized Designs Part 1
February 23 Dalibor Froncek (U Minn - Duluth) Decompositions of complete and complete bipartite graphs into prisms and generalized prisms
March 23 Sadegheh Haghshenas (ISU) On Decompositions of Hypergraphs Into Cycles
April 6 Amin Bahmanian (ISU) On The Existence of Generalized Designs Part 2
April 20 Mariusz Meszka (AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland) Block Colorings of Designs
April 27 Derrek Yager (UIUC) Finding Disjoint Cycles in Multigraphs of Minimum Ore-degree
  • Meeting 3 (Thursday, April 3, 2014): Shailesh Tipnis (Illinois State University), The complexity of some old and some new results on decompositions of graphs into small paths.
  • Meeting 4 (Thursday, March 27, 2014): Sunil Chebolu (Illinois State University), Mersenne Primes, Riemann Hypothesis, and Circulant Graphs.
  • Meeting 4 (Thursday, March 20, 2014): Lucian Ionescu (Illinois State University), An algebraic approach to p-adic numbers
  • Meeting 3 (Thursday, March 6, 2014): Mike Plantholt (Illinois State University), Decomposition of regular graphs into a union of two stars
  • Meeting 2 (Thursday, February 27, 2014): Charles Vanden Eynden (Illinois State University), The p-adic numbers (Part II)
  • Meeting 1 (Thursday, February 14, 2014): Charles Vanden Eynden (Illinois State University), The p-adic numbers (Part I)