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Because student needs and interests vary, there is flexibility in the Mathematics master's degree program at Illinois State University. In addition to allowing students to get a strong general background in mathematics, our program allows students to concentrate in:

  • secondary mathematics education
  • statistics
  • actuarial science
  • biomathematics
  • preparation for teaching at a community college level
  • preparation for continuing on to a Ph.D. program in mathematics or mathematics education, or computational or applied mathematics

A master's degree requires either 39 credit hours without a thesis, or 32 credit hours with a thesis. Please see the Graduate Catalog for additional requirements and information.

University Admission Requirements

A student applying to a master's program must:

  • have earned a four-year bachelor's degree or its equivalent from a college or university that is accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting association, or do so within one academic year
  • have a minimum 2.8 GPA (on a scale in which an A is a 4.0) for the last 60 hours of undergraduate work
  • present official transcripts from each college or university other than Illinois State at which graduate, undergraduate, or non-degree credit was earned. Transcripts can be emailed from the university to Admissions@IllinoisState.edu or mailed in a sealed envelope to: Office of Admissions, 201 Hovey Hall, Campus Box 2200, Normal, IL 61790-2200

International students can learn more about specific application requirements by visiting the Office of Admissions.

Additional Program Admission Requirements

A student applying to this program must:

  • have a minimal mathematics background of three semesters of Calculus, one semester of Linear Algebra, and four quantitative courses above the Calculus/Linear Algebra level (for example, advanced mathematics, finance, statistics, econometrics, etc). If it is not clear from your transcripts that you have this background, please explain.
  • OPTIONAL: submit standardized scores (GRE, GMAT, actuarial exams). These scores are not required, but good scores in these areas can help your chances of admission.
  • OPTIONAL: submit a statement of purpose and letters of recommendation. If you wish to provide a statement or recommendation, please send them directly to:
    Master's Program Director
    Department of Mathematics
    Illinois State University
    Normal, IL, 61790-4520

Admission Dates and Deadlines

Term Application Deadline
Fall (August)  June 15 
Fall (August)  May 1 for International Students 
Spring (January)  October 1 
Summer (May/June)  April 1 

Graduate Assistantship Information

The University provides graduate assistantships as a means of financial support. They are intended as a way to facilitate a student's progress to degree while providing important professional development.


To be eligible for an assistantship a student must, generally,

  • be admitted unconditionally as a degree-seeking student into a graduate academic program, or have a minimum of 120 undergraduate hours if in an integrated degree program
  • be in good-standing
  • be enrolled full-time (typically at least 9 credit hours during the fall or spring semesters, or at least 6 hours during the summer session).


Graduate assistants receive

  • monthly wages paid in the form of either a stipend or an hourly wage
  • a waiver for 100% of tuition during a semester of appointment
  • a waiver for up to 12 credit hours of tuition for the summer term immediately following a fall or spring appointment

Cost & Funding

See Student Accounts for information on tuition and fees. Funding for graduate students is available from several different sources. Students who have been admitted from continuous states including Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin will receive in-state tuition.

Graduate Coordinator

Name Office Email Phone
Amin Bahmanian  Stevenson 309A  mathgrad@ilstu.edu  (309) 438-7707