I enjoy teaching a wide range of courses in mathematics at various levels. Although my own research interests lie in algebra, number theory, and topology, I am constantly looking for the opportunity to teach undergraduate courses in other branches as well -- combinatorics, graph theory, probability, analysis, and set theory, to mention a few. Here is my teaching portfolio (2000-2016) of teaching experience in the US and Canada.

I received a teaching excellence award from the Red Tassel chapter of Mortar board in 2009 and I was nominated for the univeristy teaching initiative award in 2010. In 2011, I received the mathematics department teaching initiative award.

CLICK HERE to see me teaching Calculus! This video was taken by Prof. George Gadanidis from the Faculty of Science at UWO. You need high speed internet, speakers and windows explorer. You have to hit the play button after selecting items from the drop-down menu.


Illinois State University, USA, from 2008.
University of Western Ontario, Canada, 2005-2008.
University of Washington, USA, 2000-2005.

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