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ISU Undergraduate Colloquium in Mathematics

The Undergraduate Colloquium in Mathematics is designed to introduce the undergraduate community at Illinois State to some of the more fascinating and exciting sides of mathematics. The colloquium will feature talks on a variety of topics in mathematics, from algebra, number theory and discrete mathematics to actuarial science, statistics and biomathematics. The talks promise to be interesting and accessible to undergraduates, whether they are math majors or not… yet ;).

The goal of the Seminar is to show students the beauty and power of some mathematical ideas that they might not encounter in their regular coursework. It is hoped that those same students will develop a better understanding of, and a keener interest in, what mathematics is and what it can do.

The Undergraduate Colloquium will be held on designated Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in Stevenson Hall 346. Refreshments will be provided afterwards.

February 14
In STV 401
James Peirce (UW-La Crosse) Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Love Affairs, Disease, and Differential Equations
February 28
In CVA 149
Pam Ryan (Truman State) Distinguishing Between Genetic Drift and Selection Using a Modification of Tajima’s D Statistic
March 21 Chung-Chih Li (ISU School of IT) P versus NP, a Millennium Prize Problem
April 4 Fusun Akman (ISU) Basic Stuff
April 25 Michael Plantholt (ISU) Discrete Mathematics in the Movies
May 2
In STV 324
MAT 268 Students Undergraduate Research Presentations

October 18 Lucian Ionescu Complex Analysis and Its Applications
November 1 Sunil Chebolu Mathematics and Astronomy
November 8 Olcay Akman What exactly is biomathematics and what exactly it is not
November 16 Volodymyr Melnykov (Univ of Alabama) On the PhD program in applied statistics at the University of Alabama
February 2 Allison Harris (ISU Physics) Quantum Mechanical Scattering using Path Integrals
February 16 Devin Akman (UIUC) The Futurama Theorem
March 2 Annual Student Event Details TBA
March 30 Pruthikrai Mahatanankook (ISU, Information Tech) TBA
April 13 Steve Juliano (ISU, Biological Sciences) TBA
September 8 Olcay Akman (ISU) Machine Learning and Data Clustering
September 22 Alberto Delgado (ISU) You Think You Have Problems?
October 6 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) Cryptographic Protocols
October 20 Krrzysztof Ostaszewski (ISU) The Darth Vader Rule
November 3 Fusun Akman (ISU) Marvels of Linear Algebra, from XS to XXL
November 17 TBA TBA
January 27 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) Mathematics and Music
February 10 Fusun Akman (ISU) The Man Who Vandalized a Bridge in the Name of Science: Hamilton and His Quaternions (PowerPoint)
February 24 POSTPONED Dan Robserts (IWU) Problems that defy computation
March 16 Saad El-Zanati (ISU) Math: What is it good for?
March 30 Dan Robserts (IWU) Problems that defy computation
April 13 CANCELLED Krzysztof Ostaszewski (ISU) The Darth Vader Rule
April 27 ISU Math Fest 2016