Department of Mathematics at Illinois State University

Teacher Scholar

The main objective of the Teacher Scholar program is to graduate teacher-scholars. Teacher-Scholars are highly qualified teachers who have experienced scholarship in mathematics in a setting that emphasizes the interconnections among theory, procedures and applications and who “develop habits of mind of a mathematical thinker” (CBMS, 2001).

Expected Outcomes:

In addition to graduating teacher-scholars,other expected outcomes include:

  1. several research publications authored jointly by students and faculty; and
  2. teaching modules developed by the teacher-scholars that
  • (a) reflect a pedagogical emphasis on deep mathematical thinking;
  • (b) demonstrate how advanced mathematics topics are reflected in or may be part of the high school curriculum; and
  • (c) provide an opportunity for high school students to experience doing mathematics.

The content of the program will help students develop a “big picture” of mathematics while the problem-solving and discovery/research approach to teaching the courses will allow prospective teachers to experience learning in ways that address current recommendations for mathematics instruction. Moreover, well-prepared content modules allow the research experience to have transfer benefit to the prospective teacher’s future classroom.

Courses Offered in Teacher Scholar Program

  • Mathematics 268 (Sample syllabus)
  • Summer Independent Study
  • Mathematics 368


Year-Long Program:

The year-long program consists of two junior/senior level research capstone courses connected by a summer program.

Spring Portion:

In the first course, Introduction to Research in Mathematics (MAT 268, offered in the spring), students explore several research topics (from the instructor’s main research interest/expertise areas) with emphasis on experimentation, conjecture, careful justification, and clear, precise reporting.

Summer Portion:

The summer program involves participants returning to campus at three-week intervals for three intensive two-day workshops and progress updates.

Fall Portion:

The second course, Research in Mathematics II (MAT 368) , is offered in the fall with emphasis on further examination of specific research topics (developed during the spring and summer) and on writing and disseminating results.