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Center of Actuarial Excellence Actuarial Science at Illinois State University
Our faculty are engaged in cutting edge research, funded by various external agencies, and published in books and top-level journals.

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Contact the director of Actuarial Program, Dr. Krzysztof Ostaszewski with your first name, last name, ULID( I-Campus Login ID) and a list of courses you want access to.

Online Study Resources

The following online resources are available for Illinois State University students through Blackboard.

  • Exam P/1 seminar and some Exam P/1 study notes and exercises
  • Exam FM/2 seminar and some Exam FM/2 study notes and exercises
  • Exam MLC seminar
  • Exam MFE/3F seminar and some Exam MFE/3F study notes and exercises
  • Exam C/4
  • MATH 383 (Fall semester only)
  • MATH 480 (Spring semester only)
  • MATH 483 (Fall semester only)
  • Undergraduate Actuarial Advising
  • Graduate Actuarial Advising

You may access Blackboard by going to this site: You should log in using your ULID and password.

A list of Blackboard courses you have access to is also available in your I-Campus account homepage, under "myBlackboard".

Practice exams and notes are already available for P, FM, MLC, and MFE. Also, practice exams are available for Course C. We encourage our students to utilize all of these resources.