Some words of advice for undergraduate transfer students coming to the

Actuarial Program at Illinois State University

• If you arrive with a two-year degree, it is required that you have Calculus I and II with grades B or better completed. We recommend that you have three semesters of calculus, and two semesters of accounting. A semester of linear algebra would also be helpful.

• We expect our students to start passing professional actuarial examinations in their sophomore year at the latest. Here are online seminars for professional actuarial examinations that we run. These seminars are free the moment you start studying with us.

• Our advisement information is here.

• If you haven’t applied yet, please apply here.

• You can send any questions you have about our program to:

• We thank you for coming to study with us. Please remember that you are coming to study actuarial science at one of the best actuarial programs in the world. Please study accordingly.