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MAT 145: Calculus I

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Here are links to activities carried out in class or assigned for out-of-class completion, solution guides for some activities, and links to other useful resources such as calculator tutorials.

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Textbook Website and Tools for Enriching Calculus
Comprehensive Notes for Calc I
Outline for Calculus (includes Precalc suggestions through Calc II, from Brown U)

Video Links

The Concept of Derivative
Chapter 2

Derivative Rules and Applications
Chapter 3
Derivative Applications
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Powers, Constant Multiples, Sums and Differences

Secant Lines, Tangent Lines, and Limits
Product Rule and Quotient Rule

Derivatives of Exponential Functions  Derivatives of Log Functions

The Limit Definition of Derivative
Derivatives of Trig Functions (I)    Derivatives of Trig Functions  (II)

The Chain Rule 

Determining the Equation of a Tangent Line
Implicit Differentiation (I)    Implicit Differentiation (II)

Derivatives of Log Functions     Log Differentiation: (I)   (II)

Exponential Growth and Exponential Decay

Discussion of Position, Velocity, and Acceleration
CAS Calculator Help for Calculus
TI tutorials (web)
TI-89 calculus workbook (PDF)
Calculus with the TI-89 (PDF)
Solving Equations (PDF)
TI-89 Algebra Help (video)
Solving Equations (video)

Study Tools, Pre-Calculus Review, and More
Note Taking & Test Prep
Test Prep
Algebra for Calculus
Parent Functions
Unit Circle
How to Take Perfect Math Notes (WikiHow)
How to Ace a Math Test
Algebra Review (Stewart)
Parent Function Toolkit
Unit Circle (Cool Math)
A Student Perspective (video): Notes From  Text (Part 1) Notes From Class (Part 2)
How to Study for a Math Test
Algebra Review (Harvey Mudd College)
A Library of Parent Functions (Texas-El Paso) Unit Circle & Trig Value Signs (Regents Prep)
Note-Taking and Study Skills
How to Study for a Math Exam (Cool Math)
Algebra Review (Brown U)
Functions Review (Brown U)
Trig Review (Brown U)
Instructor Perspective (Clemson U): How to Survive Your College Math Class How to Study for a Math Exam (WikiHow)
Algebra Errors to Avoid (Brown U)

Note-Taking: Examples, Comments, and Suggestions


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  Content Notes

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