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MAT 146: Calculus II

Dr. Roger Day (

This Website contains information for the current semester: Spring 2018.

Syllabus, Schedule, and More

Get the current syllabus, the semester schedule, WebAssign information, Mathematics Department Writing Guidelines, and more information about the course.
Course Resources

Here are links to activities carried out in class or assigned for out-of-class completion, solution guides for some activities, and links to other useful resources such as calculator tutorials.
  Content Notes

PowerPoint slides from the textbook publisher are here, section by section, for the content of Calculus II. Use these to review and reinforce class notes and activities. Other content links are also here.
  Daily Plans:
PowerPoint Slides

Here are links to the PowerPoint slides from each day in class as well as links to handouts, solutions, and other daily info.
Quizzes and Tests

Go here to review assessments and solution guides from the current semester and use links to assessments from previous semesters.