Illinois State University Mathematics Department

MAT 223: Introduction to Secondary Mathematics Education

New-Teacher Resources Reports

Professional resources that provide help for new mathematics teachers are a valuable source of information, inspiration, and security. As you complete MAT 223, the intention of this course assignment is for you to become more aware of some of the resources that are available to you. Here are the details.

From the three sources described below, select an article that would be useful for a beginning secondary school mathematics teacher. Read the article and provide the following information:

  1. A citation of the article source. Follow the style used in the reference lists of articles in current issues of the Mathematics Teacher. The course web site has a link to examples of several citations.
  2. A summary of the content of the article.
  3. A statement describing how and why you or any new secondary-school mathematics teacher might benefit from the content of the article.

Please follow these guidelines as you select, read and report on your work:

  • Choose one article from a recent issue (no older than 1997) of the Mathematics Teacher, one article from the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, and one article from an active Internet site.
  • Submit each report on a new sheet of paper. While the order in which you submit your reports does not matter, please label them as follows:
    • New Teacher Resources Report #1: Mathematics Teacher
    • New Teacher Resources Report #2: Journal for Research in Mathematics Education
    • New Teacher Resources Report #3: Active Internet Site
  • Photocopy or print out each article and attach a copy to the end of the report you submit.

As always, keep back-up copies of your work.

Submit your reports, in any order, according to the following time line:

  • First submission no later than 19 September
  • Second submission no later than 17 October
  • Last submission no later than 7 November