Illinois State University Mathematics Department

MAT 305: Combinatorics Topics for K-8 Teachers

Semester Exam Preparation

In preparation for our semester exam, you are strongly urged to
  1. review all materials from the course
  2. redo textbook and supplementary exercises,
  3. complete questions on tests from this semester and from previous semesters, and
  4. see me with or email to me questions you come up with as you continue your preparation.

Here is additional information about this semester's final exam.

  • The test will have 100 points and count toward 30% of your course grade.
  • There will be 10 sets of questions, each set valued at 10 points. There may or may not be a bonus question.
  • The topics from which I have drawn exam questions represent virtually all areas of the course, including among others:
    • generating functions
    • constant differences
    • recursion
    • basic counting strategies (addition principle, multiplication principle, pigeonhole principle, combinations and permutations with and without repetition, derangements, and so on).
  • I have chosen or created questions that range in difficulty from those for which you should be able to simply and quickly write a correct answer because you know a common formula or strategy to mid-level difficulty questions that require your determination of the type of strategy to use, to more difficult questions that may require that you generate examples or other data to help understand the problem and search for a solution. Some questions are of the type you may have never seen before, requiring you to put your combinatorics problem-solving strategies to good use.

There are sample test questions for the semester exam as well as possible solutions to those sample questions.

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