Illinois State University Mathematics Department

MAT 312: Probability and Statistics for Middle School Teachers

Summer 2004
Dr. Roger Day (

Quiz #1

possible solutions

Here are two line plots showing the number of stories in each of 27 of the tallest buildings in Dallas and Toronto. Use the plots to respond to questions (1) through (3) below.
1. According to the line plots, which city has more buildings of 50 or more stories?

2. What is the fewest number of stories among all buildings shown for either city?

3. Among the buildings shown for Toronto, more than half have 30 to 40 stories. Circle one: TRUE FALSE UNKNOWN

Multiple Choice: For questions (4) and (5), choose the most correct response and circle the letter of that response.

4. Which form of data representation preserves all the values in a data set?

A. visual display
B. visual summary
C. neither (A) nor (B) do
D. both (A) and (B) do

5. Janie reads mystery books every night before falling asleep. Because she's a statistician, in a log book she records the number of pages she reads every night. Her log book for May contained 31 entries, one number for each day of the month. What type of data comprise the entries in her log book?

A. ordinal data
B. ratio data
C. interval data
D. nominal data
E. Janie's data cannot be identified by any type (A) thruogh (D).