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MAT 312: Probability and Statistics for Middle School Teachers

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Assignment #1

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Assignment made on Monday, 6/14/04
Assignment due on Tuesday, 6/15/04

Task #1

Refer to the NCAA Softball data provided in class. Analysze the RUNS data based on the following characteristics and write a 2- to 3-sentence description of the data distribution. Bring your on-paper response to class to discuss and to turn in.

  • Clusters (isolated groups of data values)
  • Gaps (large spaces between data values)
  • Outliers (data values substantially larger or smaller than any other data values)
  • The maximum value (the largest value in the data set; also called the upper extreme)
  • The minimum value (the smallest value in the data set; also called the lower extreme)
  • The range (the difference between the maximum and minimum values of a data set)
  • The mode (the value that occurs most often in the data set) A data set can have more than one mode, and if no data value occurs more often than any other, there is no mode.

Task #2

Find a data set!

The data set should have from 30 to 70 values in it and it should not be sports related.

Analyze your data set according to the same characteristics as described for Task #1.

Email to me ( your data set and your required analysis by 10 am tomorrow.

When sending your data, you can send it in a spreadsheet file attached to your email message or you can type in the data as part of your email message. If you send the data in the email message, put commas between each data value (e.g., 45,67,34,56,...), with no spaces between the commas and the data values. This format for sharing a data set is called comma-delimited data.

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