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MAT 312: Probability and Statistics for Middle School Teachers

Dr. Roger Day (

Assignment #1: Possible Solutions

Assignment made on Monday, 6/14/04
Assignment due on Tuesday, 6/15/04

Task #1: NCAA Softball data
  • Clusters: Several values are clustered from 41 to 45 runs.
  • Gaps: There is a sugnificant gap from 22 to 33 runs.
  • Outliers: The values 18 and 22 are significantly smaller than others in the data set.
  • The maximum value: 59 runs
  • The minimum value: 18 runs
  • The range: 41 runs
  • The mode: The value 44 runs occurred four times in the data set.

These data represent runs allowed by the top 25 softball pitchers from the 2003 NCAA season as ranked according to earned run average (ERA). The values 18 runs and 22 runs appear to be outliers and there is a significant gap from 22 runs to the next value (when arranged in order), 33 runs. After a small gap between 38 runs and 41 runs, we see a cluster of ten values than range from 41 runs to 45 runs.

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