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MAT 312: Probability and Statistics for K-8 Teachers

Summer 2004
Dr. Roger Day (

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Course Notes
Course Introduction
1-Variable Statistics
2-Variable Statistics
Counting Techniques

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Current Course Syllabus

Grades and Grading


Grading Guidelines for Assignments

Grading Guidelines for the Course

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Problem Sets and Other Assignments
Assignment #1: out 6/14, due 6/15

Counting Problems
Assignment #2: out 6/16, due 6/17

Probability Problems
Assignment #3: out 6/23, due 6/24

Assignment #4: out 7/1, due 7/6

Tests & Quizzes


Current Course
Previous Version of the Course
Quiz #1 (6/16/04)
Quiz #1: One-Variable Data Analysis & Statistics
Quiz #2 (6/24/04)
Quiz #2: Two-Variable Data Analysis & Statistics

Quiz #3: Probability and Counting Strategies

Quiz #4: Probability and Counting Strategies

Current Course
Previous Version of the Course
Test #1 (6/21/04)
Test #1 (One-Variable Data Analysis and Statistics)
Test #2 (6/28/04)
Test #2 (Two-Variable Data Analysis and Statistics)
Test #3 (7/6/04)
Test #3 (Counting Strategies and Probability)
Final Exam (7/8/04)
Final Exam

Course Notes


Course Introduction and Overview

Introductory Activities and Course Overview

Unit 1: 1-Variable Data Analysis

Fundamental Ideas for 1-Variable Data Analysis

The Shape of a Distribution

Visual Displays and Visual Summaries of Data

Putting It All Together: Location, Spread, and Shape For One-Variable Data Sets

Numerical Representations of Data

Unit 2: 2-Variable Data Analysis

Introduction to Multivariate Data

Fitting Lines to Data Using Least Squares Linear Regression

Review: Linear Relationships

Judging the Goodness of Fit of a Model

Linear Models for Two-Variable Relationships

Unit 3: Combinatorics: Counting Techniques

Counting Stategies: An Introduction to Combinatorics

More Counting Stategies: Combinations

More Counting Stategies: Permutations

The Inclusion-Exclusion Property

Unit 4: Probability

Introduction to Probability

Geometrical Probability