Illinois State University Mathematics Department

MAT 326: Technology Tools for Secondary School Mathematics

Dr. Roger Day (

Lesson/Activity Evaluation Criteria

Here's the format and criteria I'll use to evaluate the final version of the lesson/activity you submit.

Particulars: Have You:

  • word processed your lesson/activity?
  • provided a title page?
  • indicated grade/course level?
  • stated your objectives?
  • cited your references?

0 to 20

Lesson/Activity Plan: Have You:

  • situated the lesson/activity into a larger picture?
  • provided a description of the lesson/activity progression?
  • included an assessment plan?
  • described and provided examples of supplementary materials?

0 to 40

Teacher Analysis: Have You:

  • addressed potential trouble spots or concerns, such as content, logistics, the process, and your possible reactions to them?

0 to 20

Substance & Relevance: Have You:

  • answered, on the cover page, the questions:
    • How is technology used throughout the lesson/activity?
    • Why use this technology in this lesson/activity?

0 to 20
Name Comments Total ___/100


Paragraph Statement Due: 29 October 2012
Final Version Due: 7 December 2002