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MAT 326: Technology Tools for Secondary School Mathematics

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Session #6

24 September 2012

Warming Up: Test-Prep Warm-ups (1-10) or Algebra Problem of the Day (1-85)

Spreadsheet Warm-Up: A Gradebook for Quizzes
Here are scores for four quizzes from five students. Each quiz has 20 possible points.

Quiz #1
Quiz #2
Quiz #3
Quiz #4

Create a spreadsheet for the following tasks. The spreadsheet should carry out all the necessary calculations.
  • Identify the maximum score and the minimum score for each quiz.
  • Eliminate the lowest of the four quiz scores for each student and then find the mean of the remaining three quizzes.
  • Report each student's average (mean) quiz score, based on his or her top three quizzes. Report each average, rounded to the nearest tenth of a point.
  • Report each student's percent earned on quizzes, based on his or her top three quizzes. Report each percentage, rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent.
  • Report an overall letter grade on quizzes for each student, based on the percent earned and the following grading scale: A: 90% and above; B: 80% to 90%; C: 70% to 80%; D: 60% to 70%; F: below 60%.
  • Present all this information and these calculations in a way that will be useful for a teacher.
I'll check your work by comparing my spreadsheet calculations to yours. I'll also modify one or more of the quiz scores and look at the recalculation within the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Warm-Ups Set II (continued and extended from last time)

Return Linear Equation Writer with comments.

Work through the following practice set in groups of no more than three people.

  • Set II
    • Create one spreadsheet file to contain a separate tab (sheet) for each of the following situations.
      • Create a spreadsheet that will allow a user to enter a value for which a square root approximation is desired and the spreadsheet will then show the steps of Newton's Method in determining that approximation. Look at the video here for a guide to the format for this spreadsheet file. Name the tab (sheet) Newton's Method.
      • Create a spreadsheet that will allow a user to enter the numerical coefficients of any fourth-degree polynomial together with a specific value of x and the spreadsheet will show an approximation for the numerical value of the derivative of the polynomial at the specified point. Look at the video here for a guide to the format for this spreadsheet file. Name the tab (sheet) Polynomial Derivative.
      • Create a spreadsheet that will form the Fibonacci Sequence based on your starting numbers F(1) = 1 and F(2) = 1. Column A should show the term numbers (1,2,3,...) and Column B should show the elements in the Fibonacci Sequence (1,1,2,3,5,...). Include titles or headings at the top of each column. Show entries through at least the 300th Fibonacci number.  For spreadsheet help, look here.
    • When all three tabs (sheets) are complete in one file, name the file as follows: 326SSwarmup02name, where "name" is replaced by the last name of the person in your group who would be listed first in an alphabetized list of last names. Attach that file to an email and send it to me with the subject line, "Spreadsheet Warm-Up #2" (no quote marks). On your spreadsheet and at the top of your email message, show the first name and last name of each person in your group.
Another Spreadsheet Application: The Lottery!
We'll use a spreadsheet to generate and record lottery numbers and determine our expected value. Will you be surprised?
Mobile Apps: A Preview

Here's an example of an iPad app that a school mathematics teacher might use.

Assignments for Session #7 (1 Oct 2012)

  • Complete Spreadsheet Warm-Up II activities as described above. Requirement: Spreadsheet file submission by email, due Saturday, September 29, by 11:07 am. Note that one submission is required per group! Each group member, however, should retain a copy of the Excel file.
  • Continue to look for and critique mobile apps that focus on school mathematics, preferably secondary school mathematics. More info on this to follow.
  • Search for an online warm-up activity to share with others. Details to follow.

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