Illinois State University Mathematics Department

MAT 326: Technology Tools for Secondary School Mathematics

Dr. Roger Day (

Session #9

15 October 2012

Warm-Up: Five Numbers

Discuss Warm-Up/Mobile Apps Assignments

Mobile Apps: A Preview

Here's an algebra prep/review app for mobile devices.

Here's an example of an iPad app that a school mathematics teacher might use.

Progressing Through Problem Representations: The Open-Top Box Problem

We will complete this activity and discuss the solutions. We will discuss how this activity fits into the school mathematics curriculum and how technology is a component of the activity, using this exploration as a lead-in to OTB Writing Assignment, due next time.

Discuss Lesson-Activity Project and Extended-Investigation Project

Return Mid-Term Small-Group Assessments from last time.

Assignments for Session #10 (22 Oct 2012)

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