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MAT 326: Technology Tools for Secondary School Mathematics

Dr. Roger Day (

Session #10

22 October 2012

Warm-Up: Rectangle Justification from Midterm Assessment

Questions about Warm-Up/Mobile Apps Assignments?

Mobile Apps: More Previews and Access to Lists and Resources

Here's a vocab review/practice app for mobile devices.

Here's an app called "Pick-a-Path" to help practice mental arithmetic as well as problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Progressing Through Problem Representations: The Open-Top Box Problem

We will finish working through this activity and discuss the results. We will consider how this activity fits into the school mathematics curriculum and how technology is a component of the activity, using this exploration as a lead-in to OTB Writing Assignment, due next time.

Are You a Square or a Rectangle? We'll Find Out!

We'll collect more data during this activity and from that determine whether you are a square or a rectangle. Of course, every square is a rectangle, but that's another story.

Details/Questions: Lesson-Activity Project and Extended-Investigation Project.

Assignments for Session #11 (29 Oct 2012)

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