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MAT 326: Technology Tools for Secondary School Mathematics

Dr. Roger Day (

Session #12

5 November 2012

Warm-Up: How do those Exit Polls Work? Sampling Distributions and Margins of Error

Questions about Mobile Apps Assignments?

Mobile Apps: More Previews and Access to Lists and Resources

Viewing Tubes and Your Field of Vision: Making Sense of Several Variables

What can you see though these viewing tubes? We'll create mathematical models to represent this situation and use them to make predictions, and, perhaps, generate proof. Next week, we'll complete the GSP/Geogebra portion of this activity and discuss justification for your generalizations.,

Return: OTB Writing Assignment and Lesson-Activity Paragraphs Some follow-ups required: Please see me.

Details/Questions: Lesson-Activity Project.

Collect: Paragraphs describing mobile app focus.

Assignments for Session #13 (12 Nov 2012)

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