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MAT 326: Technology Tools for Secondary School Mathematics

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Session #15

26 November 2012

Mobile Apps Presentations

The Flipped Classroom: Pros, Cons, and Possibilities

We'll debrief the reading tasks and the follow-up writing assignment that focus on the concept of The Flipped Classroom. Your 4-paragraph papers, to include the following items, will be collected today.
  •         Your own definition for a flipped high school mathematics classroom (paragraph #1)
  •         A brief summary of the strengths and advantages of a flipped mathematics classroom (paragraph #2)
  •         A brief summary of the weaknesses and limitations of a flipped mathematics classroom (paragraph #3)
  •         Would you flip your classroom? Why or why not? What would it take? (paragraph #4)
Lesson-Activity Projects

Assignments for Session #16 (3 Dec  2012) and Semester Exam Session (Thursday, 13 December 2012)

  • Prior to our last session (12/13/12), please prepare a reflection paper to address the following:
    • What will MY mathematics classroom learning environment be like in the year 2020? What will I be DOING as the mathematics teacher and what will my students be DOING as mathematics learners in this environment?
Project yourself and your students into the year 2020. What will have changed from today? What may remain the same? What do you envision to be the most important resources and the most significant methods you'll have at your disposal?
  • Prepare a concise response for this task (no more than two typed pages, double spaced). Include a list of any print and internet resources you've consulted. Submit your hard-copy paper directly to me (into my grubby little paw, please) on or before our last class session on Thursday, December 13, 2012.

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