Algebra Seminar

ISU Algebra Seminar

The ISU Algebra Seminar will meet for the Spring 2022 semester on Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. to 12:50 p.m. via Zoom. Please follow the Zoom link to the talk by clicking on the date of the talk in the table below.  Please let us know if you would like to give a talk. Everyone is welcome to attend. We make an effort to make the talks accessible for the mathematician on the street. Some of the talks will also be accessible to graduate students.

Announcements of upcoming seminars are sent by e-mail to all members of the ISU math department. If you are not a member of the ISU Math department and if you would like to receive seminar announcements, please send e-mail to (with the k, lna removed).

Click on the semester of interest below for a schedule of talks.

Spring 2022

Date Speaker Title
Feb 10  Sunil Chebolu (ISU)  How many units can a commutative ring have?
Mar 03  Michael Lau (Univ Laval, Quebec)  Toda systems for Takiff algebras
Mar 17  Devin Akman (Washington U in St. Louis)  De Rham's Theorem from the Derived Perspective
Mar 31  Darlayne Addabbo (Univ of Arizona)  Higher Level Zhu Algebras and Applications
Apr 07  Kailash Misra (North Carolina State U)  Multiplicities of Maximal weights of some affine Lie algebra modules
Apr 21  Andrew Linshaw (Univ of Denver)  Universal objects in vertex algebra theory


Spring 2021

Date Speaker Title
Jan 28 Matthew Krauel (Sacramento State U)  Decomposing Jacobi forms into 𝑁=4 characters.
Feb 04 Ana Ros Camacho (Cardiff Univ, UK)  Algebra objects in group-theoretical fusion categories
Feb 18 Kaiming Zhao (Wilfrid Laurier Univ, Canada)  Simple modules over Witt algebras W_d
Feb 25 Michael Penn (Randolph College)  Permutation Orbifolds of Vertex Operator Algebras
Mar 04 Jethro van Ekeren (Univ Federal Fluminense, Brazil)  Kac's very strange formula, the Leech lattice, and Schellekens' list
Mar 18 Haisheng Li (Rutgers Univ - Camden)  Deforming vertex algebras by module and comodule actions of vertex bialgebras.
Mar 25 Gerald Hoehn (Kansas State Univ.)  On the genus of the Moonshine module
Apr 01 Andy Schultz (Wellesley College)  Using Galois modules to study absolute Galois groups
Apr 15 Dan Christensen (Univ of Western Ontario)  No set of spaces detects isomorphisms in the homotopy category


Fall 2020

Date Speaker Title
Aug 27 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) Group theoretic characterization of Gaussian binomial coefficients
Sept 3 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) Group theoretic characterization of Gaussian binomial coefficients-PART II
Sept 17 Gaywalee Yamskulna (ISU) From Skew Group Algebras to Orbifold Theory of Vertex Algebras
Sept 24 Karina Batistelli (Universidad de Chile) Quasifinite representations of the Lie algebra of the matrix quantum pseudodifferential operators
Oct 1 Florencia Orosz Hunziker (U of Colorado, Boulder) Tensor Categories arising from the Virasoro algebra
Oct 8 Christin Bibby (Louisiana State U) Arrangements of subvarieties
Oct 22 Michael Tuite (National Univ of Ireland, Galway) Mathematics Colloquium:  Vertex operator algebras on Riemann surfaces
Oct 29 George Seelinger (ISU) Matrix Invariants, Nullcones, and Brauer-Severi Schemes
Nov 5 Veronika Pedic Tomic (Univ of Zagreb, Croatia) Beta-gamma ghosts: Whittaker modules and fusion rules
Nov 12 Jim Stasheff (U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Univ of Pennsylvania) Mathematics Colloquium: ASSOCIATIVITY FROM KINDERGARTEN ON
Nov 19 Wenhua Zhao (ISU) Existence of Trace-Zero Idempotents of Group Algebras of Finite Groups
Dec 3 Nick Klecki (ISU) Vertex Algebroids associated with the simple Lie algebra G_2

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Title
Jan 30 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) Hyperplane Arrangements
Feb 6 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) Hyperplane Arrangements Part II
Feb 13 Lucian Ionescu (ISU) On Galois Theory with an Invitation to Category Theory - Part I
Feb 20 Lucian Ionescu (ISU) On Galois Theory with an Invitation to Category Theory - Part II
Feb 27 George Seelinger (ISU) Some Results on Mathieu Subspaces of Matrix Rings
Mar 5 Fusun Akman (ISU) NUMB3RS

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Title
Sept 12 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) The Grothendieck group of a triangulated category.
Sept 19 Fusun Akman (ISU) Group Theory in Symmetries of Gene Regulatory Networks
Sept 26 Lucian Ionescu (ISU) Arithmetic Galois Theory
Oct 3 Dan Yan(ISU) Some Properties of Keller Maps.
Oct 10 Gaywalee Yamskulna (ISU) On Structure of N-graded Vertex Algebras.
Oct 24 Darlayne Addabbo (Notre Dame) Zhu Algebras for Vertex Operator Algebras
Nov 07 George Seelinger (ISU) An Introduction to Eliptic Curve Cryptography
Nov 14 Harm Derksen (U of Michigan) Matrix Invariants and Complexity

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title
January 23 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) Is there an infinite field with an indecomposable multiplicative group?
Febraury 6 Fusun Akman (ISU) Subspace Partitions With Direct Sums II
February 13 Lucian Ionescu (ISU) The Arithmetic of Galois Theory
February 20 Lucian Ionescu (ISU) From Galois Theory to Anabelian Geometry
March 27 George Seelinger (ISU) The Structure of Orthogonal Matrix Invariants
April 3 Maurico Medina (Northern Illinois Univ) A generalization of right hereditary rings
April 18 (Thursday at 1:00) Wenhua Zhao (ISU) The LFED and LNED Conjectures for Univariate Polynomial Algebras
May 10 (Friday at 11:00) Arno van den Essen (University of Nijmegen, Netherlands) The Remarkable Sequence 1,1,1,1,1,1,....

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Title
September 19 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) On the multiplicative groups of fields
October 4 (Thursday) Darlayne Addabbo (Notre Dame) Q-systems and Generalizations in Representation Theory
October 11 Tathagata Basak (Iowa State) A complex ball quotient and the monster
October 17 George Seelinger (ISU) Minimal generating sets of ideals in polynomial rings
October 24 Gaywalee Yamskulna (ISU) Vertex Algebras over Fields of Prime Characteristic
November 1 Colloquium, STV 401, 1:30 - 2:30 Bruce Berndt (U of I) Living with Ramanujan for Forty Years
November 8 (Thursday) Katrina Barron (Notre Dame) Indecomposable modules for vertex operator algebras and logarithmic conformal field theory
November 15 (Thursday) Jonas Hartwig (Iowa State) Whittaker modules for vertex operator algebras
November 28 Lucian Ionescu (ISU) The Platonic Universe

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title
February 15 Fusun Akman (ISU) Hiding in Plain Sight: Polynomials in Base x
February 22 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) An Overview of Fuch's Problem
March 1 Lucian Ionescu (ISU) Primes and Deformations
March 8 Lucian Ionescu (ISU) Primes and Irreducibles
March 22 George Seelinger (ISU) Division Algebras and Related Structures
March 29 Gaywalee Yamskulna (ISU) When Beauty and her cousins meet Mathieu-Zhao
April 5 Algebra Seminar is Cancelled today Cancelled
April 12 Wenhua Zhao (ISU) The LFED and LNED Conjectures for Algebraic Algebras

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title
September 7 Sunil Chebolu Organizational Meeting / Fuch's Problem for finite p-groups, Part I
September 14 Sunil Chebolu Fuch's Problem for finite p-groups, Part II
September 21 Lucian Ionescu Constructible Numbers and Periods (Part I)
September 28 Lucian Ionescu Quaternions, Octonions, and Their Applications
October 5 Neil Christensen (Physics Dept) Algebras in Particle Physics-Part II
October 12 Neil Christensen (Physics Dept) Scattering Amplitudes Without Fields
October 19 Wenhua Zhao Recent Developments on Mathieu Subspaces I
October 26 Wenhua Zhao (ISU) Recent Developments on Mathieu Subspaces II
November 2 Mathew Speck Mathieu-Zhao Subspaces of Commutative Vertex Algebras
November 9 Gaywalee Yamskulna From Vertex Algebras to Mock Theta Functions
November 16 George Seelinger From Algebraic Geometry to Quantum Groups and Beyond
November 30 Matt Speck and Shelby Bush Counting Mathieu-Zhao Subspaces of (Fp )n

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title
February 15 Lucian Ionescu Periods, Feynman integrals and Jacobi sums
February 22 Trevor McGuire (IWU) TBA
March 1 Sunil Chebolu TBA
March 8 Sunil Chebolu TBA
March 22 Alberto Delgado TBA
March 29 George Seelinger TBA
April 6 (Thursday) 12-12:50, STV 436 Neil Christensen (ISU Physics) TBA
April 12 Gaywalee Yamskulna TBA
April 19 Lindsay Henderson TBA
April 26 Matt Speck, Richard Sumitro TBA

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
September 7 Sunil Chebolu Recent Progress on Fuch's Problem (Part I)
September 14 Sunil Chebolu Recent Progress on Fuch's Problem (Part II)
September 22 Lucian Ionescu On Discrete De Rham Cohomology
September 29 Lucian Ionescu Gauss and Jacobi sums
October 5 Gaywalee Yamskulna N = 4 Conformal Super Algebra and Mathieu Moonshine Conjecture
October 12 Amita Malik (UIUC) p-adic Properties of Sporadic Apery-like Numbers
October 19 George Seelinger Affine Toric Varieties and Zero Sums - I
October 26 George Seelinger Affine Toric Varieties and Zero Sums - II
November 2 Alberto Delgado Construction of the Mathieu group M24
November 9 Fusun Akman Spectral Graph Theory in Gene Regulatory Networks
November 16 Fusun Akman Spectral Graph Theory in Gene Regulatory Networks: Part II
November 30 Alberto Delgado Using Error - Correcting Codes to construct the Mathieu group M24

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Title
February 4 Lucian Ionescu The Prime Number Theorem
February 11 George Seelinger Introduction to vector space partitions over finite fields
February 18 TBA TBA
February 25 Claudio Quadrelli Galois pro-p groups on a diet of roots of the field

Fall 2012

Date Speaker Title
August 28 Sunil Chebolu What is special about the devisors of 12?
September 4 Gail Yamskulna Shifted Theory of vertex operator algebras
September 11 Lucian Lonescu What a finite field is, really!
October 23 Timothy Comar (Benedictine University) Biological Models using Impulsive differential equations
October 30 George Seelinger

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Title
April 3rd Michael Mayers Diagonal Property for rings
April 10th Amber Anderson Applications of Pick's theorem
April 17th Jill Horne Algebraic coding

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title
October 4 Lucian Lonescu On prime numbers and multiplicative duality
October 11 Lucian Lonescu What is an algebraic quantum group?
October 18 Wenhua Zhao Recent Developments of Mathieu Subspaces
October 25 Wenhua Zhao Recent Developments of Mathieu Subspaces
November 1 Pisheng Ding (and Lucian Lonescu) The Hopf Algebra of Representative Functions
November 8 Jon Carlson (Univ. of Georgia) Classifying THick Subcategories of the Stable Category
November 15 Lucian Lonescu The group algebra of the rationals is an algebraic quantum group ( Link to Slides )
November 22 Thanksgiving break No Talk
November 29 Sunil Chebolu Finite Generation of Tate Cohomology: Recent Developments
December 6

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title
February 15 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) Undergraduate Research: Problems in Lattice Point Geometry
February 22 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) Undergraduate Research: n-Numbers Game
March 1 Fusan Akman (ISU) Comparing Integer and Gaussian Partitions
March 8 Spring Break No Talk
March 15 Gaywalee Yamskulna (ISU) Development in the theory of shifted vertex operator algebras (Talk Cancelled)
March 22 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) A Strong Generating Hypothesis
March 29

Fall 2010

Date Speaker Title
August 17 Keir Lockridge (Wake Forest University) Homological dimensions of ring spectra
August 24 Geoff Mason (Univ. of California at Santa Cruz) In pursuit of modularity
August 31 Sunil Chebolu In pursuit of modularity
September 7 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) The Witt Cancellation Theorem
September 14 Lucian Lonescu (ISU) Hodge Theory on projective manifolds
September 21 Jim Parr (ISU) Subgroups of Q^2 II
September 28 Jim Parr (ISU) Subgroups of Q^2 II
October 5 Sunil Chebolu (ISU) On a small quotient of the big absolute Galois group
October 12 Lucian Lonescu (ISU) Overview of Hodge Theory
October 18 (3:00 PM) Tony Giaquinto (Loyola University Chicago) Meanders and principal elements of Frobenius Seaweed Lie algebras
October 27 (7:00 PM) Roger B. Eggleton (ISU) Colourful trees, Sudoku, and Mathematics
November 2 Lucian Lonescu (ISU) The mathematics of a 2D "Electromagnetism"
November 9 Michael Geline (NIU) Sources of irreducible lattices and Brauer's height zero conjecture
November 16 No Talk No Talk
November 23 Thanksgiving Break No Talk
November 30 Robert Bernales (ISU) Density of visible Lattice Points (Master's Project)
December 7 Maria Paduret (ISU) Quadratic Reciprocity in the Ring of Eisenstein Integers (Masters Project)

Spring 2010

Date Speaker Title
January 19 Sunil K. Chebolu A new geodesic proof of a formula of Gauss PREPRINT
January 26 Karl Rubin, Ken Ribet, John Conway -- MSRI video Fermat's Last Theorem - The Theorem and It's Proof: An exploration of Issues
February 2 Georgia Benkart (University of Wisconsin-Madison) -- MSRI video Fermat's Last Theorem - Theorem and It's Proof: An exploration of Issues and Ideas
February 9 Gaywalee Yamskulna Relationships between Commutative associative algebras, finite dimensional Lie algebras and vertex operator algebras I
February 16 Gaywalee Yamskulna Relationships between Commutative associative algebras, finite dimensional Lie algebras and vertex operator algebras II
February 23