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MAT 236, Elementary Abstract Algebra - Spring 2012

MAT 175, Spring 2011

Math 407, Abstract Algebra, Spring 2010

Math 175, Elementary Linear Algebra, Fall 2010

Math 236, Elementary Abstract Algebra, Fall 2008

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Research interests

My research interests started with moduli problems that come up in ring theoretic settings. I have done some work with the local properties of the trace ring of generic matrices and I am interested in the geometric properties of the variety of matrix invariants. In my study of the local properties of the trace ring, I have examined some of the properties of the Brauer-Severi scheme of central localizations of the trace ring. Later, this work involved viewing Brauer-Severi schemes of finitely generated algebras over commutative rings as schemes defined by semi-invariants of an algebraic group action.

More recently, I have also done some work studying partitioning nonzero elements of finite vector spaces into subspaces. This has resulted in a series of publications, the most recent of which explores the concept of a k-fold partition.

List of some publications

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