Financial Assistance

Graduate school can be expensive. Take advantage of the financial aid opportunities provided for you by Illinois State University. These opportunities can be found Illinois State Graduate website. They include Graduate Assistantships, tuition waivers, scholarships and fellowships, on-campus and off-campus employment, and loans. Additional information concerning financial aid can be found on the ISU Financial Aid website .

Several awards that are specific to the Mathematics department are the following…

  • Graduate Assistantships for Master's and Ph.D. students

    Graduate and Doctoral students may receive an assistantship, which includes a tuition waiver and a monthly stipend, in return for work in teaching, research, or other duties. Every student in good standing is eligible to apply for a Graduate Assistantship. You may apply for any assistantship in any department at ISU, but you will likely have the greatest chance for success by applying for a mathematics assistantship. In the semester when you hold a Graduate Assistantship you receive the following:

    • a tuition waiver covering 100% of tuition during a semester of appointment
    • a stipend during the Fall and Spring semesters of approximately…

      For Master's Students

      • fixed amount of $1140 per month for .50FTE assistantship (20 hours per week for 9 months)
      • fixed amount of $570 per month for .25FTE assistantship (10 hours per week for 9 months)

      For Ph.D. Students

      • starting at $1480 per month for a 9 months
    • partial coverage under the University's health plan

    • (if your assistantship is for a fall or spring semester) a tuition waiver for up to 12 credit hours for the summer after the semester in which you hold an assistantship.
    • key access to a office, math student lounge, and Stevenson Hall
    • a shared office with a desk for each GA and one desktop computer
    • access to office materials from the mathematics storage room
    • access to free printing in math student lounge up to 500 sheets per semester

    You’ll also earn important practical experience and can create lifelong professional bonds with faculty members and industry professionals.

    Applications for Graduate Assistantships begin at ISU Jobs website. Mathematics GA opportunities will be under the Mathematics department. Information about closing dates for these positions are listed on this website. The application for GA positions open in January for Fall semesters and August for Spring semesters. There may be more GA positions open throughout different times of the year and we ask that you check regularly. Ph.D students will apply for the “Doctoral Graduate Teaching Assistant” and master’s students will apply for the “Master’s Graduate Teaching Assistant.”

    In order to apply for a position, you will have to create an application account through Human Resources at Illinois State University. This is all located on the same website. Materials that you will need when applying are your resume, cover letter, reference list, and letters of recommendations. No standard recommendation form is used, but letters should address academic ability and ability to communicate mathematics.

    If you are an international student the rules/laws for your visa status may place limits on your employment eligibility. Students are responsible for knowing and following all applicable visa status rules/laws. If you are not certain whether your visa status allows you to accept an assistantship or additional work hours, contact the Office of International Studies and Programs immediately for clarification at (309) 438-5276. The University cannot grant exceptions to visa status rules/laws.

    Please find information on student health insurance through ISU here.

  • Mathematics Master's Award
    This award was established in honor of the ISU Mathematics Department faculty who supported the masters students during the late 1960s through the early 1970s. The Master’s Award will be given to a student enrolled in the M.S. or M.A. program in pure or applied mathematics, statistics, or secondary mathematics education in the Department of Mathematics at ISU.


    • Awardees must be full time students in a master’s program in the Department of Mathematics at ISU.
    • Awardees must be enrolled in either pure or applied mathematics, statistics, or secondary mathematics education at ISU.

    Criteria for Selection:

    • Academic promise
    • Leadership promise
    • Strong character.

      Anticipated Award: $ 2,000

  • Bonnie Litwiller Scholarship

  • Mathematics Department Ph.D. Bursary Award
  • Phares O'Daffer Graduate Fellowship in Mathematics

Also search through these external links for scholarships, fellowships, and loans for graduate students through Michigan State University and Cornell University .

For more information, contact the following professors: