Master's Program

The Department of Mathematics at Illinois State University offers Master's graduate students five programs to choose from. In addition to financial aid options, the department also offers scholarships and various work-related assistantships.

Almost all the information you will need from your time of admission into the University to graduation can be found on the Graduate School of Illinois State University’s website . Navigate this website and the mathematics website to help answer any of your furthering questions.

To begin your journey in one of our masters program sequences, please apply at . Applications can be submitted on the admission’s tab of the Graduate School website mentioned above. Only when you have completed all components of your application, and the Admissions Office has reviewed it, does it come to the department for our evaluation. We look forward to receiving your application.

You can read in detail about all of our programs by turning to the section on mathematics in the graduate catalog . See Student Accounts for information on tuition and fees associated with being a graduate student. Funding for graduate students is available from several different sources. Students who have been admitted from continuous states including Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin will receive in-state tuition.

Master's Programs

PhD Program