Download MATLAB M-Files and Data Files

Download these files using the links on this page. In each case, the downloaded file, which is compressed, expands into the desired folder named M-Files or Data-Files.

Each folder has been compressed using two different data compression formats: zip and Allume Stuffit. Download a file that has been compressed using a format that is recognized by your computer to obtain the expanded folder. (Most Windows operating systems and Apple systems 10.3 or later recognize and can expand files compressed using the zip format. Many computers have the appropriate software to expand files compressed by Allume Stuffit.)

After downloading the appropriate compressed file, double click on it so that it expands into the desired folder. Drag this folder into the one containing the MATLAB application.


Use these links to download the compressed files

zip formatzip file for M-Fileszip file for Data-Files
Stuffit formatStuffit file for M-FilesStuffit file for Data-Files

M-Files: Once the folder M-Files has been inserted into the folder containing the MATLAB application, the functions defined by the M-files in the folder are usable as if they they were ordinary MATLAB functions. These functions are described in Table D.5 of Appendix D and Exercise 18 of the Chapter 6 MATLAB Exercises.

Data-Files: In contrast to the M-files, the use of each data file requires the load command for that data file, as described in the subsection DATA FILES of Appendix D. It is usually a good idea to check the Data-Files folder before loading data files associated with a particular MATLAB exercise to determine the number and names of the data files for that exercise.

Download Data Files for the TI-89 Calculator

Download TI-89 Data files using the following link. Double-click the downloaded file to expand it into a folder containing data files for the TI-89 calculator. These files can be downloaded from your computer to the calculator using TI Connect software available from the Texas Instruments website, linked below, and the appropriate TI Connectivity Cable available from Texas Instruments.

Download data files for the TI-89 calculator

Download TI Connect software for Windows

Download TI Connect software for Macintosh

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