My collaborators (past and present), their locations and their principal areas of interest. I had serious chalk and board or email conversations with these people which I found very helpful. Those with whom I have co-authored are highlighted in green.

  • Dave Benson (Univ of Aberdeen) [Representation theory, Group cohomology, Topology]

  • Georg Biederman (Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik) [Algebraic topology and Abstract homotopy theory]

  • Jon Carlson (Univ. of Georgia) [Representation theory and group cohomology]
  • Dan Christensen (Univ. of Western Ontario) [Stable homotopy theory, Mathematical Physics]
  • Ajneet Dhillon (Univ. of Western Ontario) [Algebraic Geometry]
  • Ido Efrat(Ben Gurion University of the Negev ) [Galois Theory, Galois Cohmology, and problems in Arithmetic]
  • Ortho Flint (University of Western Ontario) [Knot theory and Combinatorics]
  • Mark Hovey (Wesleyan University) [Algebra, Stable homotopy theory]
  • Srikanth Iyengar (Univ. of Nebraska) [Commuatative algebra]
  • Nicole Lemire (Univ. of Western Ontario) [Integral representation theory]
  • Keir Lockridge (Univ. of Western Ontario) [Stable homotopy theory, Algebra]
  • Jan Minac (Univ. of Western Ontario) [Bloch-Kato conjecture, Number theory, Quadratic forms, Galois Cohomology, Modular represenation theory, Homotopy theory, Grothendieck's anabelian geometry, zeta functions, analytic pro-p-groups, algebraic K-theory]
  • John Palmieri (Univ. of Washington) [Stable homotopy theory, Algebra, Representation theory]
  • Clive Reis (Victoria BC) [Number theory and Representation Theory]
  • John Swallow (Davidson College) [Galois theory and Galois Cohomology]

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