Mathematics Placement Testing

In order to determine which mathematics course you should take for your first semester of mathematics at ISU, please refer to the following information below if you are an incoming freshmen, transfer student, or a student taking courses at another college.

ALEKS Math Placement Assessment

The University requires that all students must take the online ALEKS Math placement assessment to determine their initial placement in a mathematics class, unless they have university credit, transfer credit, or AP credit for a prerequisite mathematics class.

Please note, while this assessment is currently not proctored, it is important to be aware of the University's policies in reviewing ALEKS scores, including its right to invalidate a particular score.

University Proficiency Testing

  • Proficiency exams in selected math classes are possible. Please see the University Registrar's website on Proficiency Exams for more detail on this.
  • Information on CLEP exams at ISU, please visit the University Registrar's website on CLEP exams for more information.

AP Exams

We also award credit for AP Calculus exams as follows:

  • 3 or better on Calculus AB = Credit for MAT 145
  • 3 or better on Calculus BC = Credit for MAT 145 and MAT 146

(Note: For Actuarial majors we recommend a 4 or better on the AP Calculus exams.) Credit for other AP exams can be found on page 67 of the Undergraduate Catalog

University Transfer Credit Guidelines