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Department of Mathematics at Illinois State University

Placement and Proficiency

In order to determine which mathematics course you should take for your first semester of mathematics at ISU, please refer to the following information below if you are an incoming freshmen, transfer student, or a student taking courses at another college.

University Placement Testing

First Year Course Placement

  • Math ACT Subscore 27 or greater – MAT 145, Calculus I
  • Math ACT Subscore 26 or lower must take COMPASS placement exam
  • AP Exams:
    • 3 or better on Calculus AB = Credit for MAT 145
    • 3 or better on Calculus BC = Credit for MAT 145 and MAT 146

University Transfer Credit Guidelines

  • Refer to our transfer guides for each Community College or University found here.
  • If you wish to transfer credit, you will need to fill out transfer credit acceptance form..