I am a high school and/or recently admitted student interested in the Mathematics Department. How should I go about setting up a visit?

You may contact the Mathematics Department at (309) 438-8781. In addition to setting up a visit with the Mathematics department, you may also want to set up a tour of our campus .

When is the Math placement exam?

Information on the Math placement exam .

How do I apply for a Mathematics major or minor?

You can apply for a mathematics major or minor by logging into your Myilstu account. We advise you to check that you meet the minimum requirements for your desired major or minor before applying. This can be checked by viewing the undergraduate catalog .

Am I allowed to obtain a double degree?

Yes, as long as both degrees are not from the mathematics department and you meet all the degree requirements for both.

I’m graduating soon and am almost done with my Math major or minor. What do I have to do now?

You will have to apply for graduation at http://registrar.illinoisstate.edu/graduation/ . There is a form and fee you must file with Student Accounts .

I should have additional AP or dual credit posted on my transcript, but I don't see anything posted yet. What should I do?

You will need to talk with your academic advisor and follow up with the Registrars Office .

How do I figure out which math course I should take based off of ACT/SAT scores?

Visit the Mathematics Placement information page.

Is it possible to take courses at other colleges for my major and general education courses?

Yes, it is possible to take a course at another college, but before taking the course you must make sure to look at the transfer guidelines for ISU. Talk with your academic advisor as well.

Will the grade for a course taken at another institution transfer to ISU and how do I transfer it?

You must verify any course transfers with the transfer guidelines . If the college you have taken the course from is not listed, you will need to communicate with your academic advisor. Once you have verified that your course aligns with the standards at ISU, please file this form accordingly.

I can't decide between two math courses --- What do I do?

Talk with your academic advisor and discuss what opportunities taking each course would provide you. Based on this conversation, try to make a final decision.

What calculator is required for my math class?

Calculator requirements for mathematics courses at ISU.

How do I enroll in an Independent study?

In order to enroll in an Independent study you first must communicate with a mathematics instructor of your choice to perform the study with. Once you have successfully found an instructor, you will register for Mat 398 .

How do I go about getting an override into a course that is filled, closed, or I need prerequisites waived?

You may request an override by going to your Myilstu account. Under the academics tab you will see a link named course permit request (override). Fill out the proper information.

How and when may I drop courses?

Each semester the academic calendar outlines the final drop date for a course. To officially drop a course, you must login to go.ilstu.edu or visit the Registrars Office .

What is the Mathematics Department course repeat policy?

You can repeat a course once. However, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to repeat a course for a third time. You will need to file the following form and explain why a third repeat is necessary.

How may I find out my grade in a course?

Some instructors in the mathematics department will post grades on Reggienet. Otherwise, communicate with your instructor to figure out your grade.

Is it possible for an undergraduate to take graduate level courses?

Yes, consult your academic advisor for further detail.

What kind of tutoring programs exist for mathematics courses?

Free tutoring is available in STV 330 each semester as well as at the Julia N. Visor Center .

Who is my advisor and how often should I see my advisor?

You can find your academic advisor by logging into the student service center at go.ilstu.edu. Their name will be listed on the bottom right hand side of the screen where you may have to scroll down the page to see it. It is recommended that you see your advisor before you register for classes each semester.

Are there additional advising resources?

Visit the Undergraduate Advising tab of this website for a sample advising outline of courses.

How do I set up an appointment with an advisor?

Each advisor sets up appointments differently. You should reach out to your advisor first through email.

When should I get a degree check to make sure I meet all necessary requirements?

Any student who is anticipating on graduating should check they meet the requirements in the undergraduate catalog as they are registering for their final semester. It is advised to make an appointment with your advisor before your final registration period.

Where can I meet other students majoring in Mathematics, other than in my classes?

You can meet other students by choosing to live on the themed floor at Hewet-Manchester during your Freshman and Sophomore year. In addition, you can meet students in the math student lounge found on the 3rd floor of Stevenson. If you are an education major, you can join the Math Education club. If you are an actuarial major, you can join the Actuarial club. It is also encouraged that students attend the Undergraduate Colloquium and Mathematics Department Seminars.

Can I receive credit for a course in mathematics that I have failed at ISU by taking it another college?

No, once you receive a grade for a course taken at ISU you can't take it at another college to improve the grade.

What is a senior portfolio and where can I find more information about it?

You can find out more information on senior portfolios in the Mathematics Department here(/assets/documents/word/MATPortfolioSheet.docx).

Can I participate in a Study Abroad program?

Yes, you may participate in a study abroad program while at ISU.

Where do I find information on careers and internships?

Visit the Career Center website. Also, visit the careers and internships page on the mathematics website.

Does the Mathematics department have an honors program?

Yes, visit the Departmental Honors in the Mathematics Program tab on our website. In addition, visit ISU’s Honors Program website.

How do I graduate with distinction? (Cum laude)

Graduating with honors distinction is outlined on guest services frequently asked questions.

Where can I obtain information and advice regarding careers in mathematics and the mathematical sciences?

The Career Center is a highly professional service that offers help in finding jobs. Students should contact this office by the end of their junior year or, at the very latest, early in their senior year for information on preparing a resume. Also listed in the Career Center Events are dates for career fairs, resume writing, and much more.

How can I obtain help in finding a job after graduation?

As an Alumni, the Career Center can assist you in finding a job after graduation.

What should I do if I’m considering attending graduate school?

Graduate school is a wonderful opportunity to foster the continuation of your educational growth. Make a meeting with the Mathematics Graduate Coordinator at ISU, also take advantage of the opportunities provided to you by the Career Center , and visit the graduate schools website for additional information.

What are the opportunities for graduate work in mathematics at ISU?

Visit the graduate page of our website for further detail of what the graduate school at ISU offers in Mathematics. In addition, check out the financial assistance page for details about obtaining a graduate assistantship to help fund your graduate degree.

What should I do to prepare teaching mathematics at the college level?

In order to teach mathematics at the Community College level, you will need a Masters in General Mathematics. In order to teach mathematics at the University level, you will need a Ph.D. in Mathematics.

What financial assistance opportunities are available?

Yes, see the financial assistance page on this website.

How do I purchase student health insurance?

In order to buy student insurance you need to go to go.ilstu.edu. Once, logged in, click “Home”, “Main Menu”, “Campus Solutions”, “ISU CS Main Menu”, and then “Student Health Insurance”. Fill out the form and the insurance office will process your request. Make sure you check back in a few days to the same location to determine if your request was approved. If approved, the student insurance health fee will be charged to your ISU bill at student accounts .

Where and how do I pay my bill for ISU fees?

Please visit student accounts to gain further instructions. The Office of the comptroller has a checklist of everything you need to do in order to pay your bill. If you wish to have your personal bank send a check directly to student accounts, please follow the directions at http://studentaccounts.illinoisstate.edu/contact/.

What happens if my undergraduate GPA falls below my major requirement?

You will not be in good academic standing with the university and may be placed on probation. In addition, on probation you will become ineligible for other financial aid opportunities. Students not in good academic standing can't graduate from their undergraduate program.

I'm having difficulties in one of my courses, what can I do?

Talk with the teacher of your course. Let them know your concerned and they may have other study suggestions for you. As always, make friends in class and work together.

Under what conditions can I be terminated as a undergraduate student?

You must remain in good academic standing with the university and be making progress to obtain a degree. In addition, the mathematics department holds the right to recommend to the ISU if you should be terminated from the university.

I think I'm in the wrong math class. Is there someone I can talk to about this?

Talk with your academic advisor and current course instructor.

I thought that I was doing ok, but we just took the first quiz (or midterm exam) and now I'm not so sure. Do I have any options?

Talk with your instructor first to gauge how you are doing in the class. You will want to keep in mind the course drop date outlined in the academic calendar too.

If I witness or am a victim of sexual or any other kind of harassment, what do I do?

Consider making a report. Your report can be made with law enforcement, be confidential, be a university report, be an anonymous report, or you can report it in person. In addition, counseling is available for you at Student Counseling Services . Sexual assault resources can be found at http://titleix.illinoisstate.edu/help/ .

Is there help available for confidential medical and psychological problems?

Psychological emergency services are available at https://counseling.illinoisstate.edu/emergency/ . In addition, Student Counseling Services holds appointments available for individual and group needs at https://counseling.illinoisstate.edu/services/ . Student Counseling Services will also help you with any self-help needs including anxiety, body image, eating disorders, depression, grief, pregnancy, suicide, veterans, etc.

Is there someone outside the department with whom I can discuss problems?

You can discuss issues with Student Counseling Services .

Who do I contact if I need assistance with registration?

Course Registration Information can be found on their website.

How do I obtain a license for Mathematica?

You can obtain Mathematica by contacting TechZone.

Do I have a university email and can I use it also as a personal email?

Yes, each student is provided with an ISU email address. You may use it for your personal email as well, but keep in mind when you graduate your ISU email we be terminated.

How often must I check my university email?

Check your email on a daily basis. You will receive a university email with the domain name ilstu. The university will send all official communication to you at this address. You should use this email account to send email to university offices, your instructors, and (if necessary) to any of your students.

Whom do I contact if I'm having problems with the a university electronic resourse (ie. printers, computers, projectors, etc.)?

Email: ithelp@ilstu.edu , Call: 438-HELP or visit https://helpdesk.illinoisstate.edu/contact/

Where is the nearest computer lab in Stevenson Hall?

There are several computer labs in Stevenson Hall.