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Biomathematics workshop scheduled for June article thumbnailBiomathematics workshop scheduled for June. Intercollegiate Biomathematics Alliance (IBA) is hosting an undergraduate research workshop in June 2016. The workshop, named “Pre-Conference Workshop for Future Researchers” is organized by Professor of Biomathematics Olcay Akman. It is designed to gather the faculty and the undergraduate students of the IBA member institutions to initiate cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional research projects. During the workshop, faculty […] [Read the rest]
Video: Research (and some B.E.E.R.) fuels ISU’s biomath program article thumbnailVideo: Research (and some B.E.E.R.) fuels ISU’s biomath program. One day last fall, Stacy Mowry, M.S. ’15, stood in front of the best and brightest minds in her chosen field—biomathematics—and talked about her own research into baffling behavior seen in mongooses. [Read the rest]
Redbird media: New works by ISU scholars article thumbnailRedbird media: New works by ISU scholars. Redbird Scholars published novels, math books, textbooks, and other works in 2015. [Read the rest]
Reactions: A new prime is born article thumbnailReactions: A new prime is born. Prime numbers are those positive integers whose only divisors are 1 and itself.  (The first few primes are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, ….) Recently, a computer discovered a new prime number. Illinois State’s Sunil Chebolu of the Department of Mathematics explains the race to find large prime numbers. Chebolu: Prime numbers […] [Read the rest]
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