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The Biomathematics program at Illinois State University was developed to help students understand how biology and mathematics are intertwined and how a broad-based knowledge of each area will be critical for future graduate study and/or employment opportunities.

The Biomathematics sequence incorporates cross-disciplinary research as integral to the curriculum. Students choose a series of courses concentrated in one of three critical areas of Biomathematics (theoretical and applied statistics, deterministic and stochastic modeling, or computation and bioinformatics) and conduct thesis research within the cross-disciplinary field of Biomathematics. It is one of several Programs of Excellence awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences. There is no other Biomathematics M.S. program in Illinois, and the few existing programs in the nation typically do not exhibit the strong and balanced emphasis on coursework in both disciplines the Biomathematics program will offer.

Illinois State's Biomathematics program is a member of the Intercollegiate Biomathematics Alliance (IBA). Thanks to this membership, our graduate students have an unprecedented access to biomathematics researchers, educators, and facilities across the country. This rich and diverse body of knowledge makes it possible for our students to choose from a wide range of research problems, working with faculty members of other highly respectable institutions along with their home research advisers.

University Admission Requirements

A student applying to a master's program must:

  • have earned a four-year bachelor's degree or its equivalent from a college or university that is accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting association, or do so within one academic year
  • present official transcripts from each college or university other than Illinois State at which graduate, undergraduate, or non-degree credit was earned. Transcripts can be emailed from the university to Admissions@IllinoisState.edu or mailed in a sealed envelope to: Office of Admissions, 201 Hovey Hall, Campus Box 2200, Normal, IL 61790-2200

International students can learn more about specific application requirements by visiting the Office of Admissions.

Additional Program Admission Requirements

A student applying this program must:

  • submit official GRE scores (general test) to Illinois State University, school code 1319.
  • upload a curriculum vitae (i.e., resume). Your vita should include any information that will help the School to assess your potential as a student in our graduate program. It should include a summary of your educational background; previous employment or positions related to science; current status; research activities, including publications; and any other relevant information, such as memberships in professional societies and any honors and awards you have received.
  • upload a statement of academic and professional goals. Your one- to two-page statement of academic and professional goals should identify the general area of research in which you are interested and the faculty member(s) with whom you have corresponded with regard to serving as your possible thesis advisor (i.e., major professor). In addition, describe your plans after completing graduate school.
  • provide for three letters of recommendation. Your letters should be from faculty members or others who are familiar with your academic record and can evaluate your potential for graduate study. Spring and summer applicants will send letters of recommendation to the Director of Graduate Studies; fall applicants will submit names and e-mail addresses of references for letters of recommendation within the online application.

    Director of Graduate Studies
    Department of Mathematics
    Illinois State University
    Normal, IL 61790-4520

Admission Dates and Deadlines

Term Application Deadline
Fall (August)  January 30 
Spring (January)  October 1 
Summer (May/June)  April 1 

Graduate Assistantship Information

The University provides graduate assistantships as a means of financial support. They are intended as a way to facilitate a student's progress to degree while providing important professional development.


To be eligible for an assistantship a student must, generally,

  • be admitted unconditionally as a degree-seeking student into a graduate academic program, or have a minimum of 120 undergraduate hours if in an integrated degree program
  • be in good-standing
  • be enrolled full-time (typically at least 9 credit hours during the fall or spring semesters, or at least 6 hours during the summer session).


Graduate assistants receive

  • monthly wages paid in the form of either a stipend or an hourly wage
  • a waiver for 100% of tuition during a semester of appointment
  • a waiver for up to 12 credit hours of tuition for the summer term immediately following a fall or spring appointment

Most graduate students in the School are supported by Teaching Assistantships (TAs) or Research Assistantships (RAs), which include a stipend and a tuition waiver.
Everyone admitted to our M.S. program is provided a TA or RA. However, you should not attempt to complete the on-line TA application form until after you have been admitted into our graduate program.
Research Assistantships (RAs) are arranged through the faculty member directing your thesis.
TAs in the M.S. Program currently receive $1150/month for 9 months plus tuition waivers. Opportunities for up to 3 months/year of additional support are available.

Cost & Funding

See Student Accounts for information on tuition and fees. Funding for graduate students is available from several different sources. Students who have been admitted from continuous states including Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin will receive in-state tuition.

Graduate Coordinator

Name Office Email Phone
Amin Bahmanian  Stevenson 309A  mathgrad@ilstu.edu  (309) 438-7707