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Health Insurance

Are you a GA with questions about health insurance?

Here is a brief outline below of what you need to know. Please consult the GA handbook for further details:

  • You can request to opt out of ISU insurance if covered under an external plan (ie. parents, spouses, or personal plan.) You must return the form to ISU Student Health Insurance Office by the 15th calendar day of the fall and spring semesters, or the 8th calendar day of ISU's first summer session.
  • You must file a graduate assistant student health insurance certification form each semester and return it to the Mathematics Office in STV 313 before you begin your appointmentship.
  • If you meet the following criteria, the University will refund to you the amount of the health insurance fee you have paid during a fall or spring semester, minus any applicable taxes:
    • have paid the student health insurance fee; and
    • have been appointed for a fall or spring assistantship for a total of more than .25 FTE.

You are not reimbursed this fee for any summer semester. The fee is automatically reimbursed to all eligible students through their paychecks, typically during the final two months of each semester.

If you have questions about the health insurance offered by Illinois State University, please visit the Student Health Insurance website.