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A degree being handed out while a staff and a student shake hands.


The Mathematics Department maintains a variety of facilities and support services for its students. The University also provides a variety of support services for students. This page provides links to the Department and University facilities and support services.


The Mathematics Department at Illinois State University uses calculators and computers in many of its courses. In some courses, it is required that students have available in and out of class a specific type of calculator. This department web page is intended to provide information about calculator requirements to current students, future students, and others who are interested.

Resource Centers

The Math Department has labs and resource center on Stevenson Hall, offering learning aids, books, periodicals that can provide help with classes and textbooks. Computer labs offer various software options offering support for Math students.

Math Library

The Math Department maintains a materials resource center on the third floor of Stevenson Hall. This location houses a variety of learning and teaching aids, and books and periodicals on math and math education.

Checking out Materials

Items are available for checkout, with student ID. Some items can be used on site only. Questions or comments regarding the Materials Center should be directed to Professor Edward Mooney, or contact him at (309) 438-3710.

Review Sheets

Below are a series of PDF files on selected topics on some precalculus topics as well as some calculus topics. These review sheets are meant to refresh your memory on some of these topics, but are not meant to be used in learning a topic you have not seen before.