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Departmental Honors in the Mathematics Program

The Department of Mathematics at Illinois State University invites students with high ability and interest in mathematics to apply for admission to the Departmental Honors in Mathematics Program. The program is designed for the mathematics major who desires a deeper understanding of mathematics.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Departmental Honors in Mathematics Program, students must:

  • be a member in good standing of the University Honors Program, and
  • request admission as a freshman,
  • or request admission to the program as a sophomore having maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher in at least 9 hours of mathematics.

Students requesting admission to the Departmental Honors in Mathematics Program will have an interview with the Mathematics Honors Advisor, the Department Chair, their Program Director, and other interested faculty prior to admission.

In-Course Honors

The potential for an in-course honors project (for students in the University Honors Program) is independent of whether or not a student is pursuing Departmental Honors in Mathematics Program. If the professor is agreeable, an in-course honors project may be arranged between the student and professor in any course. The contract must be approved by the Honors Program.

Honors Program Continuation and Graduation Requirements

Honors student on quad with a family member.

The Mathematics Honors Advisor will evaluate students regularly. The requirements for graduation with Departmental Honors in Mathematics are specified below. Upon successful completion of the program, the transcript and diploma will be stamped with the designation of "Honors in Mathematics" (or Mathematics Education or Actuarial Science of Statistics.) A certificate of recognition will also be presented to the student.

A student will earn Honors in Mathematics by completing the following:

  1. A General Education sequence which includes:
    • A year's study of a foreign language at the university level or
    • A year sequence in a laboratory science chosen from BIO 196-CHE 140-141, GEO 102-202-203 or PHY 110-111 or
    • At least nine hours of Honors credit for General Education classes other than Mathematics.
  2. One of the four programs in Mathematics (Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Secondary Mathematics Education, or Statistics) with a major GPA of at least 3.3 and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3.
  3. At least three mathematics courses for Honors credit; more are encouraged. At least two of these must be in classes at the 200-level or above. These can include honors sections of Mathematics courses or in-course honors projects.
  4. One of the following:
    • Mathematics Undergraduate Research course (MAT 268 for 3 hours) with presentation of research to the Mathematics Department or the Undergraduate Research Symposium.
    • Independent Honors Study (MAT 299 for 3 hours) where student develops his/her own project or research to complement and broaden the regular coursework including internships. Project or research findings to be presented to the Mathematics Department.
    • Honors Undergraduate Research Participation (IDS 285/286 for 3 hours) that gives students the opportunity to engage in research with a faculty member. Research to be presented at the University Undergraduate Research Symposium.
    • Honors Thesis (IDS 395 for 3 hours) that includes a presentation to the Mathematics Department.