Looking For an Internship Position

The internship experience must be related to your field of study and will have to be approved by Professional Practice Faculty Coordinator. A good place to start looking for internships is on Hire-A-Redbird , Illinois State’s Career Center website dedicated to posting job and internship opportunities from companies to its students. There is also an internship fair through ISU’s Career Center each fall and spring. Information on the Internship Fair and other events can be viewed on this site .

After you Secure an Internship Position

After you secure an internship position, you can follow the instructions below in order to receive graduate level credit for your internship experience.

However, you will not be allowed to register in it until your internship class is approved by your Professional Practice Faculty Coordinator. You must discuss with your advisor about who your Professional Practice Faculty Coordinator will be.

Setting up your Internship Record in Hire-A-Redbird

In order for your internship class to be approved, you must follow the following procedure:

You can find additional information for setting up your Internship Record in Hire-A-Redbird with this document .

Additional Locations to Search for an Internship

This online resource is searchable by type of work, geographic location, company name, or date.

Go to Internship Links posted by the American Mathematical Society.

Student Intern Program with Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica , in Champaign, Illinois