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Benton Duncan

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Current Courses

152.001Dimensions Of Mathematical Reasoning

152.004Dimensions Of Mathematical Reasoning

152.007Dimensions Of Mathematical Reasoning

130.001Dimensions Of Numerical Reasoning

130.005Dimensions Of Numerical Reasoning

130.013Dimensions Of Numerical Reasoning

130.017Dimensions Of Numerical Reasoning

PhD Mathematics

University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE

MS Mathematics

University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE

BS Mathematics

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Socorro, New Mexico

Journal Article

Duncan, B. Perspectives on and a template for training for future chairs (2020)
Duncan, B. When universal edge-colored directed graph C*-algebras are exact (2020)
Bronwlee, E., & Duncan, B. A C*-algebra construction for undirected graphs (2019)
Duncan, B. Operator algebras associated to modules over an integral domain (2018)
Duncan, B. Graph theoretic invariants for operator algebras associated to topological dynamics (2016)