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Jennifer Talbot

Instructional Assistant Professor
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Current Courses

130.003Dimensions Of Numerical Reasoning

130.004Dimensions Of Numerical Reasoning

201.003Teaching Mathematics In The Elementary School

MS Mathematics

Illinois State University
Normal, IL

BS Middle Level Education

Illinois State University
Normal, IL

Impact Award

Illinois State University

Excellence in Middle School Mathematics Teaching Award

Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Conference Proceeding

Talbot, J., Cullen, A. L., & Lizano, C. (2023). Fraction as a quantity: Describing students' reasoning. In T. Lamberg, D. Moss, R. Welder, G. Waddell, & L. Wiest (Eds.), Proceedings of the 45th Annual Meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (Vol. 2, pp. 333–341), Reno, NV.


Children’s Choice and Use of Tools While Solving Problems. Research Council on Mathematical Learning 51st Annual Conference. Research Council on Mathematical Learning. (2024)
Talbot, J., Lawton, C. A., & Cullen, A. L. (2022, March). Daily data: Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, grades 5-8. To be presented at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Conference & Exposition, Indianapolis, IN.
Talbot, J., Cullen, A. L., & Lawton, C. A. (2019, October). Math warm-up routines in grades 5-8. Presentation at the Illinois Council for Teachers of Mathematics 2019 Annual Conference, Peoria, IL.