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Dr. Lucian Ionescu

Stevenson Hall - STV 312J
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With a thorough expertise in computer science and software design, my research is application-oriented in mathematical-physics. I teach at Il. St.U, was visiting professor at Wesleyan U. and several times visitor at the Institute des Hautes Etudes Scientifique, Paris, France.

Current Courses

236.001Elementary Abstract Algebra

320.001History Of Mathematics

120.003Finite Mathematics

Teaching Interests & Areas

Topology and differential geometry, abstract algebra, calculus, quantum computing, differential equations, number theory ...

Research Interests & Areas

Applications of mathematics (homological algebra methods and deformation theory) to quantum physics and quantum computing ... it's just a different kind of Calculus, where discrete changes are modeled as processes: Quantum Information Dynamics. An example desk-top application? Quantum Optics! (For more info see My Books ) My current research, as of 2010 or so, is in Number Theory as the Ultimate Physics Theory.

Ph D Category Theory and Homological Algebra

Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS

MS Mathematical-Physics

Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS


Bucharest University
Bucharest, Romania

MS Operator Theory

Bucharest University
Bucharest, Romania

BS Mathematics

Bucharest University
Bucharest, Romania

Other Computer Science

Dr. Petru-Groza High School of Informatics
Bucharest, Romania

ISU Award for Department's 2004 Pre-tenure Outstanding Research


KSU Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Academics

Kansas State University

ISU Research Initiative Award

Illinois State University


My Research integrates Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, in sync with the current emphasis on STEM (see my STEM Corner, e.g.), and Information Theory in particular (Classical and Quantum).

1) In Pure Mathematics I investigate the duality between Prime Numbers and Riemann Zeros, as a foundational work for further our understanding of the foundations to many aspects in Algebra, Geometry and Physics. In particular Topics of Advanced Number Theory and Galois Theory are involved in this research;

2) This targets Physics, aiming to sketch the Finite String Theory, a more tractable take on the highly acclaimed Theory of Everything the interaction between algebraic numbers and periods, Anabelian Geometry and Theory of Motives (IHES presentation 2018) are also involved;

3) But the real candidate for a Unified Theory is its double or complexification (according to Arnold), where from the Newtonian point; S0, later replaced by the string S1 we go all the way to the 3D-pixel of Space-Time (Smolin), using the Hopf fibration S3, as the local model and the unit of quantum information, called qubit (quark). The above research is in an advanced stage towards modeling the Universe based on Information Theory, finite Platonic groups of symmetry leading to the exceptional Lie algebras E6, E7 and E8, in close connection with the theory of Quark Line Diagrams of the Standard Model in Physics (with help from STEM assistant Joshua Lacy).

... and I can help sharing this exciting research with my students! In order to generalize this, we need to uplift the Mathematical Interface using Technology as a powerful platform. For additional information see my ISU website. Updated: I.H.E.S. Oct. 13, 2020.

For the actual publications and presentations, visit my website

Creative Works/Broadcast Media

Ionescu, L. Hodge structures and Motives (2020)


A series of talks on the Riemann Hypothesis (2013)
Quantum Information: Tesla waves, bio-fields and aetheric enery. Tesla Extraordinary Conference. Tesla Tech. (2013)
Comparing finite bundles and finite fields. ISU Algebra Seminar. (2012)
Plane Algebraic Curves I; remarks on finite fields (Klein geometry & deformation theory). ISU Algebra Seminar. (2012)
Quantum Information, Tesla waves and aetheric energy. Tesla Extraordinary Conference. (2012)
Remarks on Physics as Number Theory. 19th Annual Conference of the NPA. (2012)
What are finite fields, really!. ISU Algebra Seminar. (2012)
Algebraic Quantum Group of Rationals. ISU Algebra Seminar. (2011)
Discrete Laplacian and discrete Poisson equation. ISU Mathematical-Physics Seminar. (2011)
EC / Maxwel Methods: conclusions and interpretations; planning for next semester (last MP-seminar for Spring). ISU Mathematical-Physics Seminar. (2011)