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Olcay Akman

Stevenson Hall - STV 309B
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Current Courses

252.001Introduction to Statistics with Applications

353.001Regression And Time Series Analysis

350.001Applied Probability Models

150.001Fundamentals Of Statistical Reasoning

150.002Fundamentals Of Statistical Reasoning

150.003Fundamentals Of Statistical Reasoning

499.004Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

400.004Independent Study

352.001Probability and Statistical Inference for Educators

490.003Research In Mathematics, Math Ed & Applied Mathematics

351.003Statistics And Data Analysis

Teaching Interests & Areas


Journal Article

Akman, F., Akman, O., & Hallam, J. Maximum likelihood estimation using accelerated genetic algorithms. Journal of Applied Statistical Science 18.3 (2011): 1-7.
Akman, F., Akman, O., & Hallam, J. Genetic algorithms with shrinking population size. Computational Statistics 25 (2010): 691.
Akman, O. Information Complexity Based Modeling in the Presence of Length-Biased Sampling. J. of Stat.Theory and Practice 4.1 (2010): 45-55.
Akman, O., & Hallam, J. Natural selection at work: an accelerated evolutionary computing approach to predictive model selection. Frontiers in Systems Biology 4.33 (2010): 1-5.
Akman, O., Jannot, J., & Juliano, S. Density-dependent polyphenism and geographic variation in size among two populations of lubber grasshoppers (Romalea microptera). Ecological Entomology 34 (2009): 644-651.


Did He Do It? Statistical Analysis of OJ Simpon Trial. Chicago State University. (2012)
On the Self Organizing Maps. Benedictine University. (2012)
Symp. on Biomathematics and Ecology: Education and Research. Univ. of Portland. (2011)
Teaching talk on teaching on-line statistics courses. the Joint Meetings of the American Statistical Association and Inst. of Mathematical Statistics. (2011)
AMS Special Session on Biomathematics: Modeling in Biology, Ecology, and Epidemiology. The Joint Meetings of the AMS and MAA. (2010)
Symp. on Biomathematics and Ecology: Education and Research. Marriott Conf. Center. (2010)
Symp. On Biomathematics and Ecology: Research and Education. Izmir Univ. of Econ. (2009)

Grants & Contracts

CRUI: Physiology and fitness consequences of different life history. National Science Foundation CRUI. Federal. (2005)