5-Year Accelerated BS/MS Program

The Accelerated Sequence in Mathematics offers high-achieving students who are majoring in Mathematics the opportunity to complete their Bachelor and Master degrees with one additional year of study beyond their undergraduate work. Students will take both graduate and undergraduate classes during their senior year, will obtain a bachelor's degree, and can transition into their Master degree program for one additional year.

High-achieving students who are majoring in Mathematics with a cumulative GPA and a major GPA of 3.2 or higher may request the Accelerated Sequence in the second semester of their junior year (75 credit hours). This sequence allows students to take up to 12 hours of approved graduate courses that will count for both the undergraduate and graduate programs in Mathematics. Students will then apply to the graduate program in the last semester of their senior year. Enrollment in the Accelerated Sequence does not guarantee admission into the Mathematics graduate program. Admission timing is very important to successful completion of the program, so students should regularly consult with their academic advisor and the Mathematics Department's Masters Director. Students in the Accelerated Mathematics Sequence must complete Option I or Option II as described in the graduate catalog. Successful completion of BS degree in Mathematics major and MS in Mathematics are required for graduation.

Here are sample plans for 5-Year Accelerated BS/MS program: MathAccelerate(Non-Thesis Option).pdfMathAccelerate(Thesis Option).pdf 

For prospective students who are interested in BS+MS (Thesis option), ISU Mathematics Department has diverse faculty with diverse research areas. Below we list some of the current areas of research:

More detailed information may be found on individual faculty web-pages.

Prospective Student Inquires

Please send inquires to mathaccelerate@ilstu.edu. We look forward to hearing from you.

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