About Us

Welcome to the home page of the Department of Mathematics at Illinois State University. You are invited to explore our Web site to learn about our programs, our faculty and students, upcoming events and opportunities, and other useful and interesting information.

Message from the Chair

" Whether you are interested in Mathematics, Teaching, Actuarial Sciences, Biomathematics, or Statistics, at the Department of Mathematics you will find both academic experiences and research opportunities that will enhance your development. We have seen in society increased recognition of the need for quantitatively educated citizens. As we see more sophisticated technologies develop and more complex situations arise in today’s society, the need for citizens to support further development of these technologies and to make decisions about these complex situations has increased. Furthermore, it has been pointed out that better career opportunities await those with solid quantitative foundations, hence such citizens have better opportunities to influence our society. The Department of Mathematics has a unique opportunity to educate students at Illinois State University to be equipped to meet the challenges society demands of them and, through our teacher education programs, influence future generations of citizens well beyond those attending ISU. "

-George Seelinger, Chair