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Discrete Mathematics Seminar

The Mathematics Department at Illinois State University (ISU) has a strong Discrete Mathematics Group. The group, usually called DISCMATH for brevity, is very active in research and professional service, as well as providing enthusiastic and dedicated teaching for students at master's level and all undergraduate levels.

The DISCMATH group convenes a regular weekly seminar program, which runs throughout the Fall and Spring semesters and logs around 20-30 talks each academic year. Meetings last 50 minutes. Most talks report on recent results or research in progress, but occasional expository and survey talks are included. Speakers usually are ISU faculty members of DISCMATH, but also include graduate students, invited speakers from other institutions, and visitors to the ISU Mathematics Department.

The seminar is currently on pause. We expect to resume it in the next few semesters.  If you are interested in giving a colloquim talk in Discrete Mathematics, please send an email to

Actuarial Program Events

The Illinois State University Actuarial Program offers a variety of events throughout the year to enhance students' understanding of the field and provide networking opportunities.

Learn more about Actuarial Events

Pure and Applied Mathematics Seminar

Speakers in the ISU Algebra Seminar try to make the talks accessible for mathematicians in all areas. Some of the talks will also be accessible to graduate students.

For the Fall 2023 semester, the ISU Algebra Seminar will meet on Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. via Zoom. Announcements of upcoming seminars are sent by e-mail to all members of the ISU mathematics department. If you would like to receive seminar announcements, please send an e-mail to

You can visit the following page for further information about the Algebra Seminar:

Group for Educational Research in Mathematics GERM Seminar

The GERM Seminar (Group for Educational Research in Mathematics) typically meets on Friday afternoons in Stevenson 332 to discuss topics related to Mathematics Education. Announcements of dates and topics in GERM will be posted on this page.

Undergraduate Colloquium

The Undergraduate Colloquium in Mathematics is designed to introduce the undergraduate community at Illinois State to some of the more fascinating and exciting sides of mathematics. The colloquium will feature talks on a variety of topics in mathematics, from algebra, number theory and discrete mathematics to actuarial science, statistics and biomathematics. The talks promise to be interesting and accessible to undergraduates, whether they are math majors or not… yet ;).

The goal of the Seminar is to show students the beauty and power of some mathematical ideas that they might not encounter in their regular coursework. It is hoped that those same students will develop a better understanding of, and a keener interest in, what mathematics is and what it can do.

Wenhua Zhao Algebraic-Geometry Seminar

The Wenhua Zhao Algebraic-Geometry Seminar complements the Pure and Applied Mathematics Seminar/Colloquium, focusing on modern advanced mathematical topics, with a dedicated agenda and role of studying and communicating research by faculty. It also aims to remind us of our esteemed colleague Wenhua Zhao who's work on Jacobian Conjecture and Conformal Field Theory contributed to raise our knowledge in this area. This seminar is suited for faculty and students alike.

For more information, visit the Wenhua-Zhao-algebraic-geometry-seminar-Page

Organizer: Lucian M. Ionescu